Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sorry for no posts

Hey guys... so sorry for not posting for ages. I have been so busy with the whole moving to Sweden thing and starting my PhD that I haven't had enough time. And some bad news about my prosperity challenge. Some things seem to have gotten broken on the way to Sweden and with installing pets so that the neighbourhood has some mega glitches and I don't know if I can play with it anymore, at least until they bring out a patch. But I have been working on a medieval sims blog so if you wanted to check that out it is here.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Bryant Family - Granny love and baby bumps

Grossing out the grandchildren.

Hey there, Granny Pearl here and well gee it has been an eventful couple of days in the Bryant household. So much has been happening I'm not sure where I should start. I guess with me. I don't know what my daughter and grandson have been telling you about me but it's all a lie (except any bits that happened to be flattering in any way). All of a sudden recently my life has taken a huge turnaround. A good one though! You see I was getting a bit lonely for a man so I decided to call the matchmaker. Well it turns out me and Pamela (that's her name) got to talking so much that I forgot why I'd asked her there in the first place and invited her to dinner instead. Well one thing lead to another and I can't believe it but I am in love with the woman. Head over heels, butterflies in tummy love. And luckily it seems she feels the same way.

Granny Pearl and the matchmaker.

In fact the other day after a bit of wooing and hooing (what!? I'm not that old... and anyway a woman has needs). I decided to propose to Pamela. I creaked down on one knee and the poor thing had no idea what I was doing... I think she thought I'd dropped a contact lense and was about to join me on the floor to have a look for it.

What are you doing on your knees you old biddy!?

But I quickly pulled out a big shiny ring (actually I have to admit I won at the fairground but I think Pamela was touched nonetheless) and she soon knew what was happening. I guess most of her matchmaker jewellry is pretty junky so she didn't really mind. And she said yes! And moved in so we have a lot of people now in this little old house of ours.

Oooh shiny... say is that plastic?

It has also been the twins big birthday. They hit their teens headfirst. I have to say I'm a bit sad to see them grow up and not have any little kids running around in the house anymore. Oh well... they've grown into such beautiful young women how can I complain.

The twins birthday.

I think Gloria wished to be a cowgirl... it's what she's always wanted to be. Except when she grew up all she seemed to talk about was boys, boys, boys. Oh dear... not another one in the family. It is hard enough with Tosh and their mum always rabbiting on about the opposite sex. Now Gloria wants to kiss all the boys in the neighbourhood.

I wish I was a cowgirl... the kind that kisses lots of boys.

I really don't know what Shona wished for. That girl is so hard to read sometimes. I really wonder what is going on in that pretty little red head of hers.


I have to say it is kind of nice having three teenagers hanging around though. I mean you get a bit sick of talking little kid talk all the time (especially when Gloria was going on about being a cowgirl and how cowgirls are way better than fairies and pirates put together). Now we can have adult conversations about stuff like David Beckham's latest goal (and how nice his bum is which even Tosh seems to appreciate... hmmm).

Discussing Beckham's bum over pancakes.

So Shona and Gloria trundled off to school the next day and I guess they knocked the socks of those boys. Especially Gloria... I told her that skirt was indecent but her mother said it was fine so of course what can I say. I just hope that girl doesn't follow the same path as her silly mother and get knocked up.

Shona on the bus.

Shona: Fortune aspiration, LFT: Become Chief of Staff, Turn ons: swimmers and blonde hair, Turn off: grey hair.

Hey boys... like my skirt?

Gloria: Romance aspiration, LFT: Become celebrity chef, Turn ons: hats and black hair, Turn off: fatness.

Speaking of their mother, Stella has been a bit sick lately. She say it's just some off prawns she ate but I am starting to have my suspicions.

It's just off prawns... please let it be off prawns.

Speaking of young girls doing silly things it would seem that we had better keep both eyes on Gloria and that young Trent from next door.

This is not just a friendly hug.

It seems they have embarked on an epic journey into the world of kissing together and I really think that is all they seem to do these days.

Love is in the air.

It seems like Gloria really likes it. I mean she spends half the night in the front garden practically mauling the poor boy. I have to say he doesn't seem that upset about it though.

This kissing thing is awesome... come here.

Speaking of Stella and the "food poisoning" it would seem I have once again been proved right. I swear that girl is as fertile as a well-manured vegetable patch (if you will excuse me for saying such things about my daughter) or at least really stupid when it comes to the preventative arts. I don't even know which of the men she has been seeing is the father... I can only hope that she does. I felt a bit sorry for the silly thing though... the look on her face when she grew that bump was priceless.

Oh crud.

What was it I was just saying about being sad about all the little ones growing up... I guess I shouldn't be with a new one on the way. Oh well... that's all for now... I guess I'll be talking to you all next time you care to pop your head in here.

Sorry for lack of posts

Hey guys! Sorry for the extreme lack of posts as of late. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly... that I have been offered a PhD in Sweden so I am trying to pack up to move from Australia in a week and half. But yay! It means I get to live with my boyfriend who is Swedish so I am very happy and excited. And stressed... from all the packing. Also I too have been completely addicted to the Kingdom of Lothere blog and that has been taking up a large amount of my time. But I promise there will be a Bryant family update very soon. I have been working on it and it's almost done.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stanton Family - Trent grows up (sort of)

Hey... we're trying to have a conversation here.

Hi there... you are interfacing with Allegra here (sorry... a bit of a computer geek joke there). I just thought maybe it was time I introduced myself and told you a bit about my weirdo family. First of all, it really sucks that we have no money cause we can't afford a computer and I am feeling seriously technologically disadvantaged right now. I mean, I have just totally disappeared off the face of the planet as far as my online friends are concerned. So not cool. And my website hasn't been updated for yonks. Did I mention I really hate this middle of nowhere, slow internet connection (if I had a computer) hick town. Oh well. At least some people are having fun. Like my twin sister Bella. Man, I am so sick of her snogging that pimped up boyfriend of hers. I mean... I don't not like Tosh or anything (although his haircut is really lame and he tried a bit too hard) but I don't think he's the right guy for Bella. Bella's got dollar signs in her eyes. She wants a guy who will buy her stuff and possibly get a high-paying job. Tosh doesn't even seem like the type to being going steady to me anyways. I swear everytime Bella isn't looking, Tosh is checking out my butt. Sigh... oh well. I wouldn't mind the whole sister with a boyfriend thing if they didn't insist on making out all the time. I mean we're having a conversation with some friends and all of a sudden the feeding frenzy begins again. Blech. They could at least pretend they're listening. Tosh says he doesn't use his ears to kiss so he can still carry on a conversation with his tongue shoved down Bella's throat. I beg to differ since there have definitely been times that ears have been involved in this whole kissing thing too... I mean those kisses seem to frequently wander away from the general mouth vicinity. And anyway, you can't talk with someone else's tongue in your mouth (well not very well anyway... it would sort of come out like "munh mumb nhmb"). Oh well... I guess I should probably stop ranting. I'm just jealous. It's true.

Trent's birthday party.

The most exciting thing that has happened recently is little Trenty (he won't let me call him that anymore... says it's not cool), has had his big birthday. Now he's a teenager just like Bella and me. We had a big party with lots of kids from the neighbourhood and dad. It was pretty fun... not programming fun but fun nonetheless.

I wish that I would grow up super-hot.

I don't know what Trent wished for but he had this sly sort of grin on his face. Maybe he wished we could afford a computer. Hunh... that's too much to hope for. He probably wished for something stupid like a never-ending bag of lollies. Actually now that I think about it that doesn't sound half bad.

Yeah... check me out. How hot am I.

He didn't look too bad when he grew up. He sure seemed happy and wouldn't stop doing all these dumb muscle pumping actions. He said he couldn't wait to show all the ladies at school his new physique. Erg... how stupid. Maybe he has been spending too much time hanging around with that Tosh.

Trent: Romance aspiration, Cancer, LFT: Woohoo with 20 different sims, Turn ons: muscles and grey hair, Turn off: Glasses.

Trent tries to flirt with the busdriver and fails dismally.

And it was so embarassing. The next day on the bus he flirted with Wendy the bus-driver. She looked at him like he was crazy and told him to go sit his punk-ass down on the seat. Hehe... I had to laugh at that one.

So with all this romance (well sort of) flying around I decided maybe I should try to meet a cool boy. So I called up the matchmaker and paid her all the money I had saved up from my "job". I have to say I have actually been picking a few pockets... don't tell dad. Even though he is in the crime business he would hate it if he knew I was too. He doesn't even know I know he is, but hey I'm resourceful. Anyway I paid over my hard-earned cash and who does the stupid matchmaker introduce me to. Derek the paper boy. Who I already knew cause he delivers our paper every day. What use is that. And he has a stupid smile. I tried to tell him that the bright yellow jacket and hat teamed with bright white sneakers with pulled up socks wasn't exactly the best look and he just grinned at me stupidly. Great... this is just how my life is going right now. Man I need a computer. Anyway that's all for now so I better sign out. C U.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Kansai Family - Sakumi meets Alan

Sakumi asks for the matchmaker's help.

Hello... it is I Sakumi again. I have been very lonely recently and I had heard about the wise old matchmaker woman. I thought that perhaps she could find me a soulmate... and a father for Depp. I have come to terms with the fact that even though I love Depp's father very much, I will never see him again. So I called up the matchmaker and paid her a large sum of money in the hope that she would find me a good man.

Tee hee hee (oh no I'm giggling again and I look foolish).

She introduced me to a man named Alan. I must say that he is a very handsome man with a kind face and the most amazing green eyes. When he looked at me I felt like he was seeing right into my soul. I must say with embarassment that he made me giggle like a school girl. He made me feel like I have not felt for a very long time... since I was with Depp's father in the springtime under the blossom trees.

Really... I never kiss on the first date.

I must say that this is not something I would usually do, but I kissed him. Well he kissed me rather... but I guess I did not push him away. And we had only just met. What would my mother say? There was just something about the way he looked into my eyes. It made my breath catch in my throat. And then he had his hand gently on my waist and drew me towards him. His mouth was so close I could feel his hot breath and then his lips were on mine. I pulled away rather hurriedly and asked him to leave. He seemed quite upset but he left and I regretted immediately that I had sent him away. I hope we can meet again.

Seriously Claudia... I'm sick of hearing you talk about school... what do you think of pirates?

Depp has been spending a lot of time with the young girl Claudia Stanton. I get the feeling that he would rather be doing something else but Claudia keeps coming around to our house. I think that maybe she likes him but Depp is always complaining about how annoying she is. Oh well. At least he is busy. I am trying to be busy too but all I can think about right now is Alan. I really do hope he still wants to meet me again.

(NB: Sorry for a once again terribly short post but I didn't take enough photos for those three days. I guess when you are getting a family established (especially one as small as the Kansais) not a lot happens. But I promise, there are lots of exciting things in store for them).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Bryant Family - Tosh the ladies man

Tosh admires himself.

Well hello out there, especially to any ladies who might be reading. I'm Tosh and I guess you've already heard a bit about me from my mum. I guess you could say that the ladies like me a lot... and what's there not to like eh? I'm going to be updating you on what's been going on at my house for the last few days. A lot as you're soon going to find out.

So... Granny Pearl has been a bit lonely lately so she decided to call on the matchmaker and get some help in the lurve department. But a strange thing happened. Granny has been spending all her time with the matchmaker, Pamela and I haven't seen any gentleman callers.

Granny Pearl with the matchmaker.

They even go out to dinner with each other at the fancy botanical resteraunt in town.

So... how about that local sports team.

You know what... I have a sneaking suspicion that ole Granny is batting for the other team if ya know what I mean *wink wink*. And good on her I reckon. My mum says she's been a lonely sad person (actually my mum says crazy but I'm going to interpret that as lonely and sad) since my grandad died before I was even a twinkle in my mum's eye.

Pearl and Pamela slow dancing.

Here's a picture of me in the shower getting ready to go out and impress the ladies with my hot body. Aren't you impressed ladies? Believe me I'm even better under those pixels *grin*.

"If you want my body and you think I'm sexy" Tosh singing in the shower.

And I have met one particularly hot lady. Her name is Bella which I think means beautiful in Italian and she's definitely that. She didn't seem so keen on me at first... I think she was just playing hard to get.

Ah no... I don't think so Tosh. You're just not my type.

Which was pretty much right since she snuck out of her house and showed up at my doorstep in the middle of the night. They always come round in the end.

Hmmm... nice pyjamas.

I just threw in this pic cause my mum would hate it if anyone knew but she actually does care a lot about us kids and she works really hard to provide for us.

Stella being a good mum.

And here's a rare picture of the whole family together at the dinner table. This like NEVER happens cause I am always at parties, or Granny Pearl is out on the town or mum is at work.

The whole family.

I gave Bella a call the other day and I took her on a sweet date out to the bowling alley in town. We danced up a storm on the floor and I reckon she was pretty impressed with my awesome dance moves.

Patrick Swazye eat your heart out.

And then next to the bowling lanes I gave her her first kiss... she seemed pretty excited about it. I guess that's cause I'm such a great kisser. I think she had trouble keeping her feet on the floor. Actually I may as well be candid with you guys... it was my first kiss too. There I said it... can you keep it a secret for me. And this kissing thing rocks! I'm definitely going to get me some more of that.

I could definitely get used to this kissing thing.

And there are so many other hot ladies hanging around the neighbourhood. Like this blonde girl whose name has totally slipped my mind. It's a bit of a pain actually... Bella wanted to go steady with me and I didn't really want to but she looked like she was going to cry when I hesitated so I had to say yes. Oh well... what she doesn't know can't hurt her.

Well helloooo Blondie.

Speaking of people's feelings getting hurt I think poor little Gloria is a bit jealous of her sister Shona. You see, Shona has been very close with the little boy in the pirate outfit (I think his name is Depp... ha pretty funny name). I told her not to worry... maybe he just likes fairies better than cowgirls and there are lots of other boys out there who like cowgirls better *wink wink*. I feel sorry for her though... that unrequited love junk really sucks.

Jealous Gloria.

Oh yeah... and good ole' mum is getting some action too... with a guy who looks like he's just stepped out of the playboy mansion. Pretty smooth actually. I reckon I could learn a few things from him.

Mum getting some action.

So I guess that's all for now... until next time ladies *wink*.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Stanton Family - Claudia's Boyfriend

Hi guys! I'm Claudia Stanton and I'm the youngest of my family. My dad has probably already shown you embarrassing photos of me as a toddler. He's so humiliating. But I'm all grown up now. Soon I bet my big sisters will let me go out to parties with them. And I have a boyfriend. Shh... don't tell anyone... not even him (I haven't told him yet). His name is Depp Kansai and he is a pirate. And I'll tell you another secret... he isn't very good a computer games... not like me. I always beat him.

Ha... I win again!

I think boys are way more fun than girls. My brother Trent is pretty cool too. He even plays dollhouse with me. And he always lets me be the GI Joes.

This Commander Marson... begin bathroom raid... I repeat begin bathroom raid.

I'm so jealous of my big sister Bella. She is so pretty and guess what? She just bought a mobile phone with all the money she earned doing door-to-door polling. I want a mobile phone but Daddy says I'm too young and they're too expensive. It's not fair.

Dang... they don't have any of those red ones with diamantes left.

Actually... Trent's not that cool. He has been spending heaps of time with that red-haired fairy girl. Hmmm.... maybe she's his girlfriend. Ooooh I know a secret. I wonder if they've kissed. I haven't kissed Depp yet. We're just waiting for the right time. I read in Bella's Cosmo magazine that your first time should be special. So I guess Depp is just waiting for the perfect moment to kiss me.

Eeew Trent... now I've got mashed potato in my ear.

We don't get to see Daddy very much. Sometimes he comes home so late he just makes us sandwiches for dinner and then goes to bed. Bella and Allegra are always out too... at work or parties. And the house is so dark cause we can't afford to buy lights.

A rare chance for quality time.

I wish I was older and I could go to work and help Daddy too... he is so tired and always talking about how he needs more fun in his life. I think he should get a new girlfriend. Then he could be as happy as me and Depp.

NB: Sorry this is kind of a boring post... I realised I took basically no photos for those days of the Stanton's existence and I only play 3 days for each family (I reckon all the kids age better together that way). I promise the next post will be more interesting.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Kansai Family - Part One

The Kansai family.

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Sakumi Kansai. I have recently moved away from my homeland Japan to Bryce Canyon. I have dishounoured my family with the birth of my son Depp out of wedlock and so they have sent me away. They are very traditional and would not accept my choices. With what money I had I have bought us a new life in this desert town. I hope that we can be happy here far from the anger of my parents.

Sakumi: Popularity aspiration, Pisces, LFT: Have 20 best friends, Turn ons: Full face paint and swimming costumes, Turn offs: Red hair.

My son Depp (named after my favourite actor Johnny Depp) is my life. I will do anything for him. Before he was born I went to a lot of parties but now I am trying to work hard to make a good life for him here. I have found a job as a dance instuctor to get some money for us. I miss my friends in Japan and Depp's father. He does not know he has a son and it is better that he does not know ever. I would not like to ruin his chance of a career and a happy life. I know I will make new friends here in this strange dry place. I hope to make lots of them.

Depp: Leo

Depp on his first day of school.

My son Depp goes to the small school here. I think he is making some friends. He seems to like a red-haired girl in a fairy costume very much. She always comes around to play with him.

Shona and Depp playing cops and robbers... or is it fairies and pirates?

Depp often has nightmares so I let him sleep in my bed. Usually when I get home from my late classes he is asleep so I do not see him as much as I would like. But it is for the best. The money I earn will pay for him to go to school. I don't think I will be able to afford to send him to college. Maybe if I work very hard.

Sakumi tries not to wake Depp.

Depp dreams about Shona.

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds for Depp and for me but I know that our paths are already written. I should not worry then, but I cannot help myself.